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Use Nootropics to hit your project deadline

Nootropics are not mind-altering pills as you’re led to believe

Contrary to popular understanding, nootropics do not open new streams of conscious awareness as seen in Limitless. Nor do they open our mind to knowledge we did not know we had.

These are fantastical depictions of nootropics used solely to sell box office hits.

Nootropics in fact offer a very real value for the everyday person, yet the sensationalist marketing of them has been the cause of their failure becoming mainstream. The marketing strategy of nootropics has caused wide misunderstanding of what nootropics do, how they can be applied in everyday life, and the experience we have when taking them.

They are not mind-altering pills that create near limitless power as we are led to believe, but more accurately they optimise existing biological processes in the brain which enhance cognitive functioning, speed of mental processing, and reduces brain fog and mental tiredness.

Because most people don’t understand this, they stay clear of nootropic products.

And yet, if we held a more accurate understanding of nootropics, most would realise their potential for helping us excel in our careers, in business, increasing personal productivity, and developing self-confidence, communication skills, and even charisma.

Nootropics can benefit your performance in work

As an example, I use nootropics when approaching a major project deadline; those last few weeks when you’re working long hours, operating at your upper paces of intensity, and the brain is beginning to tire.

Taking nootropics in the final sprints of a deadline helps me maintain cognitive clarity, accuracy in my work, and clear and confident communication with colleagues – something which often falters when we are tired.

But it doesn’t apply solely to projects; all careers demand periods of long hours and increased intensity.

It is these periods of intensity that leave us with brain fog, feeling tired, and unable to focus, often becoming restless, irritable, and failing to maintain effective working relationships with our teams, colleagues, and peers.

Nootropics prevent this.

Like running a marathon, we use refuel gels to get through the final stages of the race, so too can nootropics support our cognitive processes during the final sprint.

And while synthetic nootropics are available, natural versions exist including adaptogenic nootropics like ashwagandha, siberian ginseng, and lions mane. These are all products made from roots, plants, and fungi.

Cycling nootropics for varying outcomes

As our personal journey with nootropics grows, and we learn which supplements we respond better with, we’re able to cycle through different nootropics to achieve desired outcomes.

As an example, I take siberian ginseng daily for its potent effect to achieve peak productivity; as a goals orientated person, siberian ginseng enhances my processing speed, provides cognitive clarity, and creates a laser-eyed focus which significantly increases productivity levels.

However, if I’ve been operating for too long in my state of peak productivity, often working long hours over the course of a few weeks, I use N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, known as NALT, which offsets the sensation of my ‘fried neural network’ that causes brain fog and mental tiredness.

NALT is an amino acid which supports the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters critical for focus, mood, learning, and motivation.

Taking NALT replenishes catecholamine levels in the brain which become depleted during long days and periods of stress. When depleted, we experience cognitive decline including a lack of cognitive clarity, memory recall, and can cause poor decision making.

By replenishing catecholamines levels, we maintain longer periods of productivity and accuracy in our work.

It is therefore with these cycles of varying nootropics that we can apply their use to everyday goals; supporting our career objectives, sports or training goals, and wider personal and professional development areas.

It’s thanks to NALT I’ve been able to write this article today, as without it, my brain would have needed a rest day.

The compound benefit of nootropics

Over time, the use of nootropics then benefits us on a compound basis.

Like your investment strategy, benefitting from compound growth over the lifetime of its asset, so too our personal development benefits from compound growth on daily improvements.

By achieving peak productivity near daily, we create significant improvement to ourselves and our careers over the course of a year, and on a usually far greater scale than that of our colleagues and peers.

This noticeable and marked improvement in the workplace, and within ourselves, provides us a sense of confidence which then benefits all areas of our lives, including relationships, communication with others, and even performance in the bedroom.

As the months pass by, we find ourselves becoming a more confident, self-assured individual, moving with certainty in the direction of our objectives.

Having been taking siberian ginseng for over twelve years, I can attest so its benefits in the workplace. I first took it periodically, and whenever taking the nootropic I noticed a direct uplift in the quality and quantity of work produced, and resulting praise received by senior leaders.

It was seeing this improvement that encouraged me to take siberian ginseng daily.

It’s time to open up to nootropics

And yet, even with this wider understanding of nootropics’ benefits, including the significant benefits from adaptogenic nootropics, they remain the unrecognised paragons within our wellbeing industry.

These products are accessible to us all, and are products most would not reject if they had an accurate understanding of nootropics, yet marketing strategies continue to tout them as mind-altering tablets which causes most people to ignore them.

The majority of people feel blue on a Monday, and complain of feeling tired, uninspired, and ready for 5 o clock, yet nootropics can change this very mindset with our work.

By improving our cognition, Monday can instead be empowering, engaging, and highly productive.

For over twelve years, as my colleagues moaned on a Monday, I have been upbeat, energetic, and operating from a place of peak productivity.

And if there’s one thing that gets you noticed in your career, it’s standing out as a peak performer while all others bemoan their Monday miseries.

Include the significantly higher volume of work you complete when Monday stops being a write off, and you fast begin operating in the top percentile of employees at your grade.

We all have project deadlines to hit, or periods of higher intensity, but it’s those who can extend their periods of intensity who stand out from their peers.

At Humans, we know exactly how to do that.

However, we recommend starting with ashwagandha – it’s a more subtle uplift in energy than the intense peak that can come with our personal favourite, siberian ginseng.


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