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Financial Health

nobody tells you,
but building long-term financial stability
is more important than spending on aesthetic

Financial Health

Managing money effectively is a life-skill we all need, yet one rarely taught in schools or by our parents.

Money management done well can result in long-term wealth for us all, and short-term financial health.

It is about using small slices of money now, to achieve larger sums of money when we’re older.

The word wealth is steeped in negative connotations with patriarchal white history, but what if we told you wealth can be a morally-inclusive objective that we can all strive for to achieve financial stability? 

Is it wrong to want financial stability?

Is it wrong to have financial equality?

Is it wrong to want a nice home, working car, and be financially secure enough to weather life’s storms?

This is financial health, and it is a key pillar to a life built around wellness for yourself, your family, and friends.

Money isn’t a dirty word, nor is it something we should shy away from.

Here we will build out resources on how you can use small slices of money now, and convert them to larger pots of money and/or assets later in life.

This is about building financial health, and, hopefully, achieving long-term financial wealth.

The Financial Fitness Guy

The Queer Martin Lewis, only better looking

We’re proud to be partnering with The Financial Fitness Guy, Jamie Lowe (he/him) | BA (Hons), DipPFS, Cert CII, Cert CII (MP & ER). 

Specialising in financial planning, savings and investments, pensions, and life insurance, Jamie is helping clients build, grow, and preserve their wealth.

Clients do not need to be wealthy before they contact Jamie. He also specialises in helping clients get their finances under control, and putting a plan in place to building long-term wealth, for the future.

Check out Jamie’s bitesize tips to building financial freedom, for a lifetime.

Jamie Lowe (he/him) | The Financial Fitness Guy | Financial Health with LGBTQ Wellness
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