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Personal Trainer & Online Coach
Professional Dancer
helping LGBTQ+ clients get fit, build muscle and build confidence versions of themselves

Premier Global NASM Optimum Performance Training - L3 Personal Trainer

Welcome! I'm Sean,
Passionate about helping people move better and FEEL better

while getting stronger and more confident!

I offer an inclusive and semi-private space to train in a Boutique Fitness Studio in the heart of Glasgow, as well as Online Coaching

A focus on improving mental health and confidence are priorities through my sessions!

I understand fitness and the gym can be intimidating, coming from the Dance World as opposed to the Sports World myself, so am all about making fitness fun, safe and comfortable for you, so you can get the most out of it!

I have an eye for detail and the knowledge to fine tune your sessions and technique to optimise performance and daily functional movement.

Having personally been through physical rehab from injuries and scoliosis during my dance career - I’ve learned how significant and life changing the appropriate training can be.

I understand the importance of making realistic, sustainable choices so that you enjoy the process, whilst reaching your goals.

Your programme will reach beyond our in-person sessions with access to online coaching 24/7 and improvements to your energy, mindset and daily functional movement.
We’ll check in regularly to make sure you’re on track and find solutions to any barriers you may be experiencing.

I aim to help my clients become more knowledgeable and encourage them to create better habits around their preferences and lifestyle.

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