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A lesbian personal trainer in London, I understand the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ community and help countless LGBTQ+ clients transform their body and mindset.

I believe in offering an exceptional bespoke service where I pay close attention to your needs and preferences, and can adapt my approach to suit your fitness level and abilities. I can help you to overcome your challenges and unlock the potential to achieve your goals.

I specialize in resistance training and can help you to feel more confident using free weights (dumbbels & barbells) correctly. I can't emphasize enough the positive impact resistance training has on our body. My passion is to help you to bring your fitness to the next level.

If you are willing to make small, but committed changes for a period of time and can be open and honest with the real struggle you are facing, then I can guarantee you results.

Like many people, I used to think ‘you can't build muscle without meat’, but I have researched and tried plant-based nutrition. This means I can help you reach your goal whatever your dietary preferences. My aim is to help you foster a healthy and positive relationship with food to support your physical training and wellbeing.

I also run a circuit class every Thursday in Walthamstow. Please contact me for full details!

Every body welcome!

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