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My name is Rowan Hyde, and I run Dandelion Facilitation, a facilitation and therapy practice based online and in the East Midlands. I am a Processwork facilitator and trainee Psychotherapist. I am dedicated to values of empowerment, inclusion and compassion in my practice, and have a deep interest in social justice, equality, healing and nature connection. Dandelions are symbols of resilience, and I aspire to enable resilience within my work, to bring individuals and groups into their own wisdom, wholeness and capacity to thrive.

About Me

I have a background in the creative arts, as well as spending many years learning about re-generative land based practices. I spent much of my professional life working with vulnerable and marginalised groups as a support worker until 2016. I am white, non-disabled, and identify as trans non-binary and queer. I use they/them pronouns.

I actively work towards affirming diversity and providing education around issues of marginalisation and oppression. In 2020 I co-founded Beyond the Box, a facilitation collective dedicated to providing education and training around gender, sexuality and relationship diversity. I recognise that on-going self work is necessary to work with diverse identities and experiences, therefore I am dedicated to self-education, self-reflection and constant engagement around dynamics of power and privilege.

I am a member of Radical Therapist Network; a collective committed to anti-oppressive therapeutic practice and education. I am a trainee member of the UK council for Psychotherapy and abide by their ethical and professional standards.

Motivations and values:
I am passionate about holistic healing, facilitating awareness, and working towards social justice. My core motivations and values are:

• A commitment to social justice and intersectionality (find out more about intersectionality)
• A focus on the collective as well as the individual. I understand that much of the oppression and trauma we face as individuals is rooted in collective and systemic oppression
• A dedication to supporting individuals and communities to find healing, resilience, clarity and purpose, in order to transform and find new patterns of relating and being
• A commitment to on-going self work and self interrogation, and rigorous ethical standards of practice
• A trauma informed approach; at all times thinking about safety, consent, choice and empowerment


Gender Identity Support, Therapy

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