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LGBTQ+ Counsellor, Liverpool & Online

Hi I’m Simon

I’m a BACP registered counsellor, based in Liverpool where I offer face to face counselling. I also work with people across the UK through secure online platforms.

As an integrative counsellor I blend different elements from counselling and psychotherapy theory in order to provide an approach that is tailored to each individual client. We are all unique and I believe that our therapy should be too. My style draws from three of the main modalities of counselling: psychodynamic counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and person centred counselling. For more information on these modalities as well as what integrative counselling is, click here for useful information from BACP.

Counselling can be a process of growth, change and evolution. I work with clients to understand what they want from counselling. What goals or dreams do you have? How might life look or feel different at the end of the process? It is part of my role as your counsellor to help nurture your growth towards these objectives.

Counselling is not a place you should need to hide any parts of yourself. I am committed to providing a welcoming, non judgemental and inclusive service so that all of my clients feel safe to bring their authentic selves to our sessions. I hope that over time my clients begin to live more authentically in their lives outside of the counselling room. My commitment to authenticity also applies to myself as I aim to bring my true self to the counselling relationship and not some professional idea of what a counsellor should be like. We will work together; one human being to another.

Respect is a key part of my work. This extends to background, heritage, sexuality or identity, I welcome you to contact me. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally and I provide that safe space to work with you. I am committed to anti-discriminatory practice and have completed additional training in this area with #TAFD. To support my ongoing work as an anti-discriminatory counsellor I seek regular clinical supervision with a supervisor who shares my values.

I have worked with people on a variety of life issues and common mental health problems, and I welcome enquiries from all. Some of the areas that I have a specific interest in include:

I have lived experience of what it is like growing up gay. Whilst I own this as my own personal experience it gives me an insight into the ways in which assumptions, culture and society can impact the development and lives of LGBTQ+ people. I am engaged in regular training on LGBTQ+ issues and I practice as an LGBTQ+ affirmative counsellor. Whether your interest in counselling relates directly to your LGBTQ+ identity or if you want to work on other issues with a safe affirmative counsellor, I welcome you.

People frequently seek the support of a counsellor when facing significant changes in their lives. I have supported clients with changes in their relationships, employment, the impact of long term health issues and of course the challenges we encountered as a global community facing the dramatic and ongoing changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. I will provide a safe space for you to explore your feelings and thoughts in a non-judgemental environment, which can lead to greater clarity and less anxiety. As your counsellor I will offer suggestions rather than advice and perspectives rather than answers, to guide you in dealing with the things that you want to change.

Families aren’t perfect; sometimes our early relationships with others can continue to impact our lives into adulthood. If our childhood did not feel safe; if we felt our needs were not met; or when we felt an unfair burden to care for others, we may experience distress or relational trauma. The nature of our relationship with parents, caregivers and immediate family can have a lasting impact on us and can involve a complicated mixture of feelings and emotions. If you identify with these issues, safely exploring your experiences can be helpful in gaining clarity, helping you to identify and change repetitive patterns in your life, building self-compassion and healing from trauma. I have an active and developing interest in this area of work, please contact me if you wish to talk more about how we could work together.

My experience of working with Cruse Bereavement Care, along with my own experience of bereavement, has shown me the many ways people grieve. In the UK we tend to value strength when dealing with loss, putting on a brave face and getting back to normal as quickly as possible. Unresolved grief can however lead to issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as persistently unsettling thoughts, feelings and emotions. I work with people who are grieving to help them to come to terms with their loss safely, slowly and to make space for their emotions to come and go. If you would like to explore a bereavement in your life, please get in touch.


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