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Welcome to Manchester Jump Volleyball Club! - Manchester's most friendly volleyball group!

Volleyball is an awesome game - and we are a club with the emphasis on having fun! As such, we do not participate in any league - we are a pure recreational volleyball club!

*Everyone* - even total beginners - gets a fair and equal share of the ball - we do not allow 'experts' to monopolise the ball - no elitism here!

We are a mixed-ability, mixed-gender, mixed-aged, multicultural & LGBTQ-friendly, informal group, always welcoming new players (including total beginners) who want to play games, improve their skills, keep fit, make friends – or all of the above!

Members must be OVER 18 at time of joining (proof of age may be asked for). Under-18s are permitted to play if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

To encourage and promote adult recreational volleyball inclusively, particularly amongst minority and international communities - and regardless of anyone's race, religion, gender, sexuality, age or physical ability - and provide the means to play within a positive, fair, safe, fun environment.

We allow a maximum of 21 attendees per session - which can create up to 3 teams of 7 players (6 on court, plus one rotating reserve player.)

Players must reserve their place for each session via the weekly Event created on this Facebook group page, then book and pay online in advance via the Orfi sports club app.

Session currently costs £7.

Attendance list is posted online, the day before the session.

We usually play once a week on Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm, at Trinity High School Sports Centre, Hulme - just behind the University of Manchester.
(For May, June, July 2022, we have switched to Fridays 7pm-9pm at Trinity.)

Over the summer holidays period we will be playing mid-week outdoors in Alexandra Park, Whalley Range - evening will be decided (and event created) according to when the weather is favourable.





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