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My name is Millie Morfitt (she/her), creator of Morfittness. I have been a qualified Personal Trainer for 4 years and I want my sessions to feel like a safe, welcoming and fun place for people of all genders and sexual orientations.

I understand that as an LGBTQ+ person, being in mainstream, commercial gyms can feel daunting and not always welcoming. Therefore, I offer sessions either online or in a private Personal Trainer-only gym where it will just be me and clients in there during our sessions. This is a great way to gradually build up your confidence in the gym in a safe environment.

I aim to make my sessions as inclusive and accessible as possible, so I have a sliding scale of costs for sessions, partner and group workout options at discounted prices and also a WhatsApp group where I post ad-hoc and last-minute availability for lower cost sessions.

I specialise in supporting LGBTQ+ people to find joy in exercise in movement and ensuring that people I train feel able to come as they are, without the need to change their bodies or who they are.

I provide online and face-to-face personal training sessions if you're based in Bristol.

I also run a Strong and Steady class at the Cooperative Gym Bristol from 6pm-7pm on Wednesdays

I have qualifications in spin, apex, circuits and I'm currently completing training to offer trauma-informed practice and exercise for health referrals, meaning that I will be more able to support people with additional health issues safely through my training.

You can find out more information and request a free initial consultation at @milliegetsyoumorfitt on Instagram or email me at

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