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About Lida

My name is Ksenija (They/Them pronouns) and Lida was my beloved grandmother. Up until her last days, she was a resilient and very active person. She taught me the power of healthy habits and the importance of daily physical activity.

I have combined science with Lida's teachings to create a fitness programme that will help you live an active lifestyle by first, changing your every day habits. Through working with me to build a combination of daily healthy habits and a realistic exercise regime, you will improve your health and wellbeing, gain strength and achieve things you never thought possible. Not for a month, but for the rest of your life.

Contact me today to make fitness and health your lifelong commitment, step by step.

What I Do

1:2:1 Green Exercise
One:to:One personal training outdoors! If you have fitness goals you would love to reach with an LGBT+ friendly coach, but don't like the gym - this is for you! Outdoor personal training sessions with me available in Chapeltown, Leeds. Contact me for more information!

Monthly Fitness Plan
Perfect for those who have no barriers to exercise or routine changes and want a personalised plan to reach specific fitness goals. Contact me today for a free consultation!

Online fitness programme + Healthy Habit development programme
Perfect for those looking to develop healthy habits (healthy sleep, eating, early waking up, daily physical activity etc) to kickstart a healthy lifestyle and make fitness a part of your weekly regime! Good for individuals with barriers to exercise and healthy living. Contact me to book your free consultation today!

Online fitness programme + Healthy Habit development programme + Weekly online coaching
Perfect for those needing not only a fitness coach, but also an accountability coach to help you stick to your journey to lifelong fitness and healthy habits. Ideal for individuals who find developing new habits and fitness regimes hard. Achieve your goals by staying accountable every day. Contact me to book in to a free consultation today!

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