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Here’s the benefits joining LGBTQ Wellness has to you:

  • over 4,000 website views per month by audiences searching content in your field
  • generating quality leads of customers actively looking to buy your services
  • listings optimised using the latest search engine optimisation strategies (SEO)
  • a projected forecast of over 10,000 views per month by 2023
  • a data driven digital marketing strategy to grow the brand, and catch you more traffic

Watch the video below to understand how listing with LGBTQ Wellness gets you more clients.

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    Sports Clubs - FREE

    Sports clubs will always list for free;
    they're critical for community wellbeing
    £ 0
    • Listed on website directory
    • Search engine optimisation

    Optimised Listing

    Optimised for search engine ranking,
    receive quality leads on a passive basis
    £ 30 Six monthly
    • Listed on website directory
    • Search engine optimisation


    Stand out from the crowd with standout
    bolt-ons. Each bolt-on is priced differently
    £ 40
    00 +
    one off
    • Create a converting listing for you - £40
    • Promote you on social media - £40
    • Article online promoting you - £100
    • YouTube promoting you - £100

    Listing Rules

    • when you list, you are signing up to our terms and conditions
    • all listings are reviewed before they’re published to the site
    • please do not use profanities, offensive language or be exclusionary in your listings
    • listings can cater to specific sub-groups when the purpose is to create a safe space for that group
    • please report fake or offensive listings
    • if you do not identify as LGBTQ+ and want to list, please email us to discuss options

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