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Biohack your Body

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Biohack your Body

Biohacking the body offers a far more expansive number of self-optimisation strategies than we have available for the brain given the myriad ways we use our body and what it does for us.

Because of this, the self-optimisation strategies for the body can never be captured in one website.

We therefore recommend the strategies we find are the most effective and efficient to activating your state of peak performance

Peak performance is a combination of peak energy, as well as the balance of our rest and digest.

For this reason, self-optimisations strategies should never focus solely on what makes us stronger, quicker, or more alert.

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Our self-optimisation strategies need to also help us rest, recover, and reflect. 

It is in reflection that we do our deepest work, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Whether using natural herbs and plants like adaptogens, or the new longevity supplements in the market that are reversing age-related damage to our cellular make up, we have a wealth of options available to use to help maintain our Pillars of Peak Performance.

Now is the most exciting time to be alive; as AI, neuroscience, and technology all advance at infinite speed, we are on the precipice of humans integrating biohacking technology within us (it’s actually already being done, but not in the mainstream). 

The opportunities to Humans are endless, and we can’t wait to see how the next few years evolve.

Explore these self-optimisation strategies that can help you achieve peak performance the most efficiently.

Improve Biomarkers

A strong heart rate variability builds stress resilience, lowers the risk of heart disease, and improves training recovery | Read all its benefits here

The rapid shock response from a sauna to ice plunge gives you immediate cognitive alertness and mental performance | Read the article here

Red light therapy is a natural treatment which activates the skin’s natural cellular healing process | Read all its benefits here

Berberine is nature’s answer to the drug Ozempic, offering a natural and effective route to weight management | Read berberine’s benefits here

Increase Energy & Stamina

It improves blood vessel health, lowers blood pressure, and clears unhealthy cholesterol, while also support brain cell regeneration | Read all its benefits here

Shilajit liquid is taking social media by storm for rampantly increasing your energy, stamina, and sexual performance | Read all its benefits here

Magnesium Malate can significantly boost natural energy levels through its synergising effects of magnesium and malic acid | Read the article here

Cordyceps is quickly taking hold as the supplement improving stamina in fitness and people’s sex lives | Read the full article here

Reverse Age-related Damage

The elixir of eternal youth, NMN supplements can reverse the damaging effects of cellular aging | Read NMN’s benefits here

With its ability to aid cell growth, repair, and regeneration, it’s believed spermidine promotes cellular longevity | Read all the benefits here

Fast becoming known as the ‘longevity’ supplement, it is being taken for reversing cellular aging | Read fisetin’s benefits here

A ground-breaking supplement but hard to get your hands on, rapamycin is reversing cellular aging | Read rapamycin’s benefits here

Biohack Stress

Alleviating anxiety, depression, and creating new levels of cognitive clarity, rhodiola rosea is nature’s best kept secret l Read all its benefits

Also known as The Bliss Molecule, anandamide is the feel good supplement that helps release waves of serotonin throughout your body l Read all its benefits here

Fast becoming known for inducing quality sleep, reishi mushroom can bring the central nervous system to stillness, calmly, and quickly  | Read the article in full here

If left to accumulate over time, cortisol is severely damaging for the body and mind | See the supplements reducing cortisol levels

Fast becoming known for inducing quality sleep, reishi mushroom can bring the central nervous system to stillness, calmly, and quickly  | Read the article in full here

The super-root with anti-inflammatory properties that reduces stress, anxiety, and alleviates depression | Read the article in full here

Consumed for centuries for its anxiety reducing properties, passionflower is the calming supplement we all need | Read all its benefits here

Using natural alternatives to Xanax is key to preventing physical and psychological dependence on the drug | Read the article here

Biohack the Sex Life

For people who want that extra oomph in the bedroom; maca enhances the sex drive and increases the strength and size of your erection l Read all its benefits here

Tongkat Ali is fast being popularised for its ability to significantly boost your sexual energy and sexual performance | Read all its benefits here

Tribulus Terrestris is the new sex supplement increasing testosterone production, sexual energy, and sexual endurance | Read here how it enhances ‘that’ feeling 

Fadogia Agrestis increases the libido, sexual energy, and is improving sexual performance for men everywhere l Read the full benefits here

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