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What is LGBTQ+ Apex

LGBTQ+ Apex was formally LGBTQ+ Wellness, a social initiative set up by James Kearslake post-lockdown to bring wellbeing, mental health resources, and fitness to LGBTQ+ people.

With mental health conditions and suicide rates significantly higher in the LGBTQ+ community than the national average, creating resources for our community to safely explore their identity remains a critical need.

Being LGBTQ+ is in fact a superpower’ providing us with a unique view of the world that can only be understood when you are in the community. 

However, due to the deep societal conditioning forced upon us, most LGBTQ+ people see their identity as their block. It is this block that causes deep feelings of disillusion, emptiness, and low self worth.

An image of a rainbow coloured phoenix rising into the night sky_LGBTQ+ Apex_Formally LGBTQ Wellness

Taking all that we learned from LGBTQ+ Wellness, we will be building out a program that teaches LGBTQ+ people how to move into their power.

LGBTQ+ Apex will be helping people achieve their peak performance, even when society tells them otherwise.

All current content remains legacy content from LGBTQ+ Wellness, focusing more on mental health conditions, common issues in the community like drug and sex addiction, and resources for protecting your sexual health.

The resources remain just as important today as when they were written after lockdown and will remain a part of the LGBTQ+ Apex program.

Expect LGBTQ+ Apex to launch in the summer of 2024.

Explore the legacy content from LGBTQ+ Wellness:

Real Coming out Stories |

Rae tells us about coming out as intersex before coming out as trans, and why intersex visibility needs to improve | Read their story here

Cel shares their story on coming out and how trans rights have evolved and now regressed since they came out | Read their story here

A wild ‘late to lesbian’ story, Sarah doesn’t let her late coming out stop her from finding the love of her life | Read berberine’s benefits here

Recently on Oprah, an author, and speaker, Dr Lu Lu shares her incredible story | Read her story here

Sexual Health |

#gaystoo is the beginning of me shining the light on the toxic practices within the LGBTQ+ community l Read the full article here

PrEP is a preventative measure to transmitting HIV when having unprotected sex l Read the full article here

We need to first understand when sex is just sex, versus when it’s an addiction | Read the full article here

the scary reality of gay men
purposefully infecting others with HIV | Read the full article here

Digital Health |

the risks and measures of the hottest site on the gay scene | Read the full article here

Zoteria, the  new app for reporting and tackling LGBTQ+ hate crime | Read the full article here

As lifesaving as social media can be, there’s a dark side many fail to consider. | Read the full article here

A shame-free space
exploring drug addiction and getting help | Read the full article here

We need to first understand when sex is just sex, versus when it’s an addiction | Read the full article here

Usage among the LGBTQ+ community is consistently higher than heterosexuals | Read the full article here

The sad reality most of us turn to drugs to ease the deep pain we all experience | Read the full article here

Understand what is a binder and how to wear them safely can help you last longer in your binder, avoid the inevitable nappy rash, and look cool all while doing so | Read the full article here

Pride isn’t just a party, nor is it just a protest. It’s all of these, as well as the opportunity to honour and remember our past | Read the full article here

Every year companies struggle to find ways to support Pride Month. The thing is, it really isn’t that difficult. Support comes in the small acts, every day. Here’s how companies can support Pride Month 2024 | Read the full article here

We’re building out a catalogue of queer sale salons just for you | Search the Directory here

Rae (they/them) talks us through the world of gender and its direct correlation with the mental health of LGBTQ+ people. Rae also reminds us that there are only two genders | Read the full article here

There is no right or wrong way to be trans. Our trans identity changes between us all and can fluctuate and change as we grow with our trans identity. In this article Rae (they/them) helps us understand what it means to be trans and how you can find support in others | Read the full article here

Intersex activist Rae (they/them) shares their personal journey understanding their intersex identity and how they overcame their struggles to find their place in this world | Read the full article here

Understanding Gender Dysphoria is so complex – it’s different for every single one of us. But being able to recognise when your gender dysphoria is triggering and knowing where to get support is critical to working through it | Read the full article here

LGBTQ+ Wellness |

Having self-care in place allows us to cope with daily stressors and lower your risk of becoming suicidal | Read the full article here

Art therapy can be incredibly powerful at helping us unlock our deep subconscious; without us realising, the mind expresses its thoughts and emotions through what we create l Read the full article here

Building strength, fitness, and stamina improves our confidence and leaves us feeling able to take on life’s challenges | Search the Trainer directory here

Would you talk to your friends like you talk to yourself? Unlikely. But that is the reality of negative self talk; without us realising, we spend our days berating ourselves which has a damaging effect l Read the full article here

Knowing you have an LGBTQ+ counsellor or therapist offers you a safe space to talk openly about everything | Search the Therapist directory here

Yoga is a transformative and healing process for us all | Read the full article here

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