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Maca Root

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Let’s start by saying, yes, I take it.

Yes, it enhances the libido and strength of your erection.

No, you do not need to experience erectile dysfunction, or have problems getting (or holding) it up, to want to enjoy the many benefits maca root can offer your sex life.

Think of it like pre-workout; you can workout fine without it, but sometimes it’s fun to enhance the experience.

Everyone enjoys a little added punch, every once in a while 😉

So what is maca, and why might you take it?

What is maca root

Maca root is a dietary supplement that comes from maca, a plant that grows in the Andes mountains of Peru.

The maca plant is related to the potato and has been used by the indigenous people of Peru for centuries, as a food source and as a medicinal herb.

Maca root powder on a pastel blue background_benefits of maca root

According to Enigma Peru, ‘maca was considered so valuable that its use was restricted to the royal court‘.

The Incas used maca before going into battle, to increase their stamina and strength. 

Let me tell you, two days on maca and a person can be one charged up, testosterone-driven warrior. It’s no surprise the Inca Empire commanded such a successful military power.

These days, the root is harvested, dried, and ground into a powder that can be taken as a supplement.

It is commonly available in capsules, tablets, or powder form, and can be found in some energy drinks and bars.

Maca nutrients

Maca contains many nutrients that are beneficial for the body, including amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and E, minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and iron, and fatty acids. 

These nutrients are essential for optimal health, and help to support overall well-being.

Maca is also an adaptogen; being a substance that helps us physically adapt to stress and bring the body to homeostasis.


It is because maca is an adaptogen that it improves our libido and sexual performance.

Maca works by bringing our hormonal imbalances back in line; reducing stress hormones like cortisol that kill our sexual desire, and rebalancing our sexual hormones testosterone and oestrogen. 

Woh, who wouldn’t want that? Less stressed, more sexed! I almost forgot I’m 34 and can’t go more than twice in one week.

There are lots of studies available online evidencing the benefits of maca for the libido, however, you don’t need to read them, because I’m a walking case study that maca has magical powers! ✨

Erectile dysfunction

Better still, it doesn’t only improve the libido, but also significantly increases the strength, size and sensitivity of the erection.

There is a reason it’s known as the ‘Peruvian Viagra’.

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Cognitive performance

But while maca goes down in the history books as an ancient traditional aphrodisiac, it shouldn’t be overlooked for its ability to also improve cognitive performance.

Maca supports mental clarity, and often helps me reduce brain fog when I’m going through a darker episode.

It’s adaptogenic properties means that it alleviates stress and anxiety, thus reducing inflammation throughout the brain and central nervous system.

For those looking to enhance their productivity in the workplace, calm their nervous system, or improve mental health, maca is a root you should be reaching for. 

So long as your partner (or room mate!) is ready to experience the after effects 😉

Possible side effects

Although maca root has many benefits, it may also have some side effects:

  • Maca root may cause nausea, diarrhoea, or bloating
  • It may also lower blood pressure or blood sugar levels.
  • If you are taking medication for blood pressure or diabetes, consult your doctor before taking maca root.
  • Maca root should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women 

Where to buy maca root in the UK

Maca root can be purchased at health stores online and around the UK, but as always we’ve shared our recommended retailer below, to save you half the hassle!

Shop small businesses when purchasing

We purchase our maca from Just Ingredients, a company based in the South East of England who specialise in quality ingredients, imported from source to pass savings onto the customer.

It’s important to us morally that we support small businesses where we can, and more so during these difficult times.

Why we love Just Ingredients

With a focus on high quality goods, and imported from source, we love everything Just Ingredients stands for.

Here’s a snippet of their values as an organisation, taken directly from the website:

  • We are passionate about culinary and botanical ingredients, seeking out the best herbs and spices from the top producers around the world
  • We only source the highest standard products and by purchasing from source, we can pass these savings on to our customers
  • All our products are non-irradiated and GMO free
  • We have one of the largest ranges of ingredients online, much larger than you will find on the high street or local supermarket

With a 4.7 stat rating on, it’s clear their customers think as highly of them as we do!

Shop with Just Ingredients here

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