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LGBTQ+ Wellness

caring for the mental health and wellbeing
of LGBTQ+ people

LGBTQ Wellness

Wellness is a misunderstood concept; it is not ‘yoga on a beach‘ like we see on social media.

Wellness is everything, both within us, and around us.

It is about building a life that brings us joy, happiness, and fulfilment.

Wellness is the balance we create within our lives that leave us feeling content, and happy – it includes movement, joy, laughter, relationships, sex, and social enjoyment. 

It’s derived from what we feed our bodies, where we spend our energy, what we do for work, and how financially secure we feel.

Wellness the entire foundations on which we build our lives, and it is a forever growing journey to enjoyment and self-fulfilment. 

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LGBTQ+ Wellbeing | caring for you

Having self-care in place allows us to cope with daily stressors and lower your risk of becoming suicidal | Read the full article here

Building strength, fitness, and stamina improves our confidence and leaves us feeling able to take on life’s challenges | Search the Trainer directory here

Knowing you have an LGBTQ+ counsellor or therapist offers you a safe space to talk openly about everything | Search the Therapist directory here

Yoga is a transformative and healing process for us all | Read the full article here

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