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Biohacking with Mushrooms

how harnessing mushrooms
can achieve peak performance

The Superior Effects of Mushrooms

Science is fast evidencing the considerable benefits some mushrooms and fungi have on the human body.

With their adaptogenic properties and bioactive compounds, corallocins, erinacines and hericenones, have been shown to support the regeneration and growth of neurons and neural pathways.

Contributing to myelination, the generation of myelin that wraps and protects axons within the neural pathways, mushrooms like lion’s mane can have a significant physiological improvement to the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Varying between mushroom types, these benefits can optimise the body with improved cognitive function, reduced anxiety, and increased sense of calm, and increased physical energy and stamina. These are a self-optimisation strategy to achieve your Peak Performance.

Organic lions mane mushroom on a pastel green background_Lions mane mushroom elevates cognitive performance_We are Humans

Explore the unique benefits of each mushroom and how they can be leveraged to aid varying aspects of your life.

Organic lions mane mushroom on a pastel green background_Lions mane mushroom elevates cognitive performance_We are Humans (1)

Lions mane supplement is fast becoming known as the fungi for elevating cognitive performance to superior levels | Read the full article here

An image of chaga mushroom on a pastel blue background_the benefits of chaga

Chaga mushroom is the fungi fighting the nasties inside you. Packing punch for your immunity, it has superior qualities | Read the full article here

An image of cordyceps mushrooms on a pastel orange background_the benefits of cordyceps

Cordyceps is quickly taking hold as the supplement improving stamina in fitness and people’s sex lives | Read the full article here

An image of reishi mushroom on a pastel yellow background_the benefits of reishi

Fast becoming known for inducing quality sleep, reishi mushroom can bring the central nervous system to stillness, calmly, and quickly  | Read the article in full here

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