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Sexual Health | the frank discussions we all need

As modern people, promiscuity runs through the very heart of our culture. We are a sexually driven community, with sexual messaging interlaced in our media, content, and lifestyle.

Whether you align with this sexually driven culture is irrelevant, at some point in your life you are highly likely to be influenced by these sexual freedoms. The pressure we can feel to live up to the expectations of sexual transience is likely to force most of us into unwise decisions, and usually when we are younger.

With the sexual transience of our life comes the inherent risks of increased sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), cheating and relationship breakdowns, sexual harassment, and rape.

Our lifestyle is going to change anytime soon, so we instead need to know how to stay safe within it.

a group of hot gay black men in London laughing and flirting with one another before a chemsex

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