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Biohack your Brain

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Biohack your Brain

Neuroscience is one of the most fascinating spaces right now.

It’s teaching us the complex mechanics of the mind, subconscious, and how we can rewire our brain’s structure through neuroplasticity. This helps us learn new things, change our cognition, and transform how we think and behave.

It is also teaching us the full capacity of the human mind and what humans are truly capable of.

Biohacking uses the foundations of neuroscience to enhance the functioning of our brains.

Whether using natural herbs and plants like adaptogens, or precursor supplements to optimise neurotransmitters in the brain including serotonin and dopamine, the nootropics and brain biohacking markets are releasing once-unimaginable products which are helping humans achieve new heights.

A scan of the human brain and neural network showing a healthy, balanced, and calm mind_Benefits of taking Norepinephrine Precursor Supplements 5 _biohack the brain and body

Developments include longevity supplements; products which promote cellular repair and regeneration in the brain and body, reversing age-related damage and preventing age-related decline.

The brain biohacking space is incredibly exciting right now and we will see transformative advancements over the next two to three years.

Brain biohacking is a key component of the self-optimisation strategies and is a foundational requirement to achieving your Peak Performance.

Explore the cognitive-powerhouse products you should incorporate into your self-optimisation strategies to achieve peak performance.

Norepinephrine precursor supplements help you achieve heightened states of focus, attention, and cognitive clarity | Read all its benefits here

Phosphatidylserine significantly increases cognitive processing speed, and memory, while also repairing brain cells l Read all its benefits here

Also known as The Bliss Molecule, anandamide is the feel good supplement that helps release waves of serotonin throughout your body l Read all its benefits here

Interacting directly with brain cells to improve cognitive function and prevent cell damage, it also improves cardiovascular and respiratory health | Read quercetin’s benefits here

The elixir of eternal youth, NMN supplements can reverse the damaging effects of cellular aging | Read NMN’s benefits here

Fast becoming known as the ‘longevity’ supplement, it is being taken for reversing cellular aging | Read fisetin’s benefits here

Alleviating anxiety, depression, and creating new levels of cognitive clarity, rhodiola rosea is nature’s best kept secret l Read all its benefits

The super-root with anti-inflammatory properties that reduces stress, anxiety, and alleviates depression | Read the article in full here

Consumed for centuries for its anxiety reducing properties, passionflower is the calming supplement we all need | Read all its benefits here

An anxiety reducing herb, yet Kava Kava has been tarnished with a rep it simply cannot shift | Read all its benefits here

Lions mane supplement is fast becoming known as the fungi for elevating cognitive performance to superior levels | Read the full article here

An adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress, Turmeric reduces inflammation in the body and brain improving mental health and cognitive performance | Read all its benefits here

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