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Digital Health

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Digital Health

In a world where we’re fast being consumed by AI, our conversations around digital health do not keep pace with evolution of technology.

Exploring how we stay safe online – sexually, physically, and mentally, is a growing area of expertise.

Importantly, we will look at how to protect our sexual health when operating online.

How to stay safe online using Grindr l Staying safe online l Digital Health l LGBTQ Wellness

This area will take broad avenues as there are countless risks to our sexual health as a result of not playing cautiously. 

These will include:

  • how to talk confidently about sexual health messaging others online
  • how to use sexual health precautions when meeting someone from online
  • the risks of meeting strangers from online and how to ensure your safety
  • the very real risk of rape, physical violence, or worse murder when meeting strangers online

With more horror stories happening around the world as predators use technology to prey on their victims, you need to take precautions to protecting yourself online.

Digital Health | staying safe online

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