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Biohacks for the body

achieve top physical performance

Biohacks for the body

Here we share tips on biohacks for the body, including:

  • Biohacks to improve cognitive performance and support positive mental health
  • Biohacks to improve physical performance in fitness and sport
  • food to calm the body during rest and recovery
  • Biohacks to calm and maintain the health of the central nervous system 
  • Technological biohacks which utilise technology, wearable tech, and AI to improve our overall physical and cognitive performance
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Natural Biohacking for the Body

Power-up the body and brain (and sex life) | Read the article in full here

The natural root that reduces anxiety, and alleviates depression | Read the article in full here

The libido enhancing, erectile solidifying root | Read the article in full here

The veg that’s packing where it matters most | Read the article in full here

5 Reasons it’s in our top five supplements | Read the article in full here

The Superior Effects of Fungi

Lions mane supplement is fast becoming known as the fungi for elevating cognitive performance to superior levels | Read the article in full here

Cordyceps is quickly taking hold as the supplement improving stamina in fitness and people’s sex lives | Read the full article here

Chaga mushroom is the fungi fighting the nasties inside you. Packing punch for your immunity, it has superior qualities | Read the full article here

Fast becoming known for inducing quality sleep, reishi mushroom can bring the central nervous system to stillness, calmly, and quickly  | Read the article in full here

Natural Rest & Recovery

  • Amino acids
  • proteins
  • healthy carbohydrates
  • saturated fat
  • turmeric
  • pineapple
  • ginger
  • honey
  • herbal teas

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