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The Wellness Equilibirum

lasting wellbeing
is a lifestyle cultivated

The Wellness Equilibrium

Wellness is a misunderstood concept – it is not ‘yoga on a beach’ like we see on social media.

Wellness is everything, both within us, and around us.

It is about building a life that brings us joy, happiness, and fulfilment.

Wellness is an equilibrium with which we curate lives that leave us feeling content, and happy.

We call these the foundations on which we build our lives.

Let’s explore these foundations, and understand how to begin building these so we can achieve happier, more fulfilling lives.

The Foundations of Wellness

Healthy Relationships

Being able to build, cultivate, and maintain healthy relationships, with family, friends and partners, is critical to combatting loneliness and a pillar to finding happiness in our lives.

Like our physical fitness, our mental health needs us to care for it, train it, and explore new ways to nurture it as we change and grow. Our mind can be our superpower.

A healthy body is critical to every other pillar. We have only one body, which, when maintained, is like a finely crafted piece of machinery. It needs regular upkeep to keep us moving.

Personal Development

Growth happens in all parts of our lives, yet many tend to forget the need for growth on a personal level. Becoming introspective allows us to explore our deepest sense of self, and achieve our great potentials.

While income is mainly derived from our career, financial stability also incorporates our living environment, assets, savings and investment. When we’re financially secure enough to weather life’s storms, we feel more grounded within.

Similar to Financial Stability, although career success should never be measured by income only. Career success explores our fulfilment in the work we do, and whether we’re living aligned to our personal values. Success is happiness.

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