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Meditation comes in many forms and so often your first experience of it can be critical to determining whether you enjoy it, or find it a habit difficult to adopt.

Instead, our aim is guide you exploring all styles of meditation, so that you can find methods to incorporate it into your life.

In it’s simplest form, meditation is the practice of calming the body and mind – something we can achieve for meditation only a few minutes during the day.

It is because people feel they need to meditate for 20 minutes or more, every day, that they struggle to build it as a habit into their lives.

Let us guide you on meditating simply, and easily, every day, while doing basic activities like showering and drinking coffee.

When we’ve mastered the art of breath, and calming the mind, can we find enjoyment in extending our meditation practice for longer periods.

Providing breath patterns on our social media, and longer meditations on Spotify and other major podcast platforms, we hope to give you tools that allows you to find a meditation style that works for you.


Curious about meditation? This beginner’s guide will teach you everything you need to know, from what it is to how it can be used by LGBTQ people.

Discover the many benefits of meditation for LGBTQ people, including stress relief, self-acceptance, and more.

James Kearslake, owner of LGBTQ Wellness, is delivering a 60 second breath pattern for any time of the day - a simple meditation to help incorporate into your life
a 60s breath pattern for any time of the day
James Kearslake, owner of LGBTQ Wellness, delivering a simple meditative breathwork pattern to help calm us down
a breathwork pattern to help calm down

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